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The Chinese Way of Metro Stations
Will Warm You With Their
Unconventional Design

Enthusiasts of futuristic architectural creations certainly come from China. Their passion has grown into public buildings and centers. Check out the fully automated unmanned subway station, which looks like a
Star Trek station located in the Chinese city of Chengdu. J & (Shenzhen Jiang & Associates Design) and Sepanta design can owe this unconventional design and technological progress. These 13 stations, inspired by many forms and shapes of nature, excel in impressive liquid forms and cellular motifs. They have been under construction since 2016 and are an extension of the existing Chengdu subway system.

Line 9, the first unmanned subway line in western China, will run between the southeast and northwest of the provinci
al capital of Sichuan. The unmanned station also remains so on the trains that it replaces the drivers with a 5G mobile network for mutual communication. Reza Esmaeeli, founder of Sepanta Design and Design Director at Chetwoods Architects, says: "Chengdu subway stations will not just be transit points. It will be an unforgettable space that will offer its passengers an artistic and futuristic expression of their own culture. "All 13 stations have been categorized as fiction and standard art.

Both categories have their own unique features, such as Incubation Park,
Jincheng Street, Cuqiao, and Jitouqiao reflecting their local environment. 9 standard art stations have a common design theme based on embroidery techniques interpreted in In the form of seamless, continuous lines and patterns and placed across ceilings, walls, floors, columns and furniture, driverless subway lines in China are almost ten years old and Chengdu Line 9 connects with cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou and offers the best in technology and travel. 

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