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2 Ways to Rethink Your
Life and Achieve Success

It doesn't matter to the world whether you succeed or fail. Why? There are many good people who have failed, as well as bad people who have succeeded in at least one thing. You are the only person who will take care of your success. No one will come to you and tell you that they will help you fulfill all your goals. It's up to you.
Well-known self-made millionaire Grant Cardone describes 2 ways to rethink your life and achieve what you want in life. 

You have to go beyond meeting your "basic needs" 
Grant Cardone states that in order to achieve your goals, you need to strive to achieve more than your basic needs. You need more than just current work, more than just health insurance, more than just education. What are the basic needs? Housing, food, clothing, transport. But to succeed, you need more. So first - write down what your basic needs are and second, write down what your success should look like. And remember, the world doesn't care if you succeed or not. 

You have to be relentless. There is no shortcut or easy way to succeed. You can reach any 10 billionaires and everyone will tell you the same thing: It takes hard work, determination, and determination. Whatever you do, it will require hard work. It will be long hours and it will require tireless determination. It is not possible to use an abbreviation. Anyone who tells you the opposite will lure you into a scam and it won't work. 

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