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Limited Edition CAO
Arcana Arriving

A new edition of retail cigars from the new limited edition CAO series called
Arcana, a brand that a General Cigar distributor claims are dedicated to "old-world methods of tobacco processing." When Arcana first launched, General launched the Mortal Coil, a cigarette that measures 6 1/8 inch and diameter 50 rings and contains filler and tobacco. The word coil is a reflection of andulla, a relatively rustic leaf that undergoes a rustic fermentation process. Instead of traditional bulk fermentation, andullo is twisted into long cylinders, tightly wrapped in palm teats and hanging like After two years, the leaves turn into thick logs of concentrated tobacco, which is usually sweet in nature. 

The CAO Arcana Mortal Coil blend consists of a dark broad-leaved Connecticut casing, a Connecticut shade binder, and a blend of Honduran tobacco from the Jamastran Valley, Nicaraguan tobacco from Esteli, and Dominican Pilot Cuban. The defining letters of andullo are also from the Dominican Republic. Made in Nicaragua at STG Estelí's factory, Mortal Coil comes in 20 boxes and sells for $ 10.99 a cigarette. Only 5,000 boxes will be produced. This is not the first time a rustic leaf has been mixed with a CAO cigarette. Fans of these limited editions will remember editions such as CAO Fuma Em Corda and Orellana, which were made from Brazilian Bragança, tobacco that is fermented in tightly packed logs similar to andullo. "With the Arcana series, as with the Amazon Basin and its Bragança leaf, we are once again illuminating the original tobacco fermentation methods to excite CAO fans," said Rick Rodriguez, who serves as both the blender and the brand's ambassador. 

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