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Cirrus Aircraft Limited Edition
Exterior That is Hard To Miss

This small compact aircraft breaks all the prejudices of traditional aircraft design.
Cirrus Aircraft Limited Edition with an exterior that is hard to miss. The company transcends the boundaries of traditional aviation design with a limited edition of the 8,000th SR, which commemorates the delivery of the 8,000th aircraft of the SR series. Cirrus Aircraft presents a limited edition in honor of the 8,000th delivery. According to Ivy McIver, Head of Product Line, the original Cirrus SR20s were very simple aircraft, and after 22 years, this simplicity is still the beautiful soul of Cirrus aircraft.

The 8000th aircraft will be a nod to the future of the airline. The 8000 Limited Edition SR series is characterized by strong colors and unforgettable accents on the exterior and interior. The design is emphasized by the industry's first Volt sash painting scheme, which pays attention to the ground and the air. Unmistakable graphics and colors are transferred to the interior with Volt-stitched seats and embroidery on the doors and luxurious perforated leather on the seats and a throttle. In addition to the exciting new design, each of the limited series of eight (8) exclusive 8000 Limited Edition aircraft will be delivered along with a selected series of gifts and events for new owners.

The first high-performance SR
Series aircraft from Cirrus Aircraft - the SR20 - was delivered in 1999 and transformed general aviation with intuitive avionics, game-changing performance, and revolutionary safety systems, including the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). For 18 years in a row, the SR series has been the best-selling single-engine piston in the world with a portfolio of SR20, SR22, and SR22T with a turbocharger. Later this year, the company will deliver its 8,000th aircraft of the SR series and will exceed 11 million flight hours in more than 60 countries around the world. The 8000 Limited Edition SR series was invented and designed by Xi Design Studio - a talented internal personalization team of Cirrus Aircraft.

The limited-edition continues to expand
Xi Design Studio's ability to incorporate luxury automotive inspirations, hand-crafted finishes, and customization defined and inspired by the owner's imagination. Cirrus Aircraft has launched a VisionAir ownership program. Last August, Cirrus Aircraft announced an expansion of services for international Cirrus aircraft owners to further enhance the customer experience, including the availability of international financing options through Cirrus Finance and the launch of the EASA-approved Vision Jet training program in Europe. Cirrus Aircraft has launched a revolutionary ownership program for Vision Jet.

Designed as a complete turnkey program, VisionAir contains everything you need to own, operate and manage Vision Jet, making the reality of owning the world's first passenger aircraft more accessible than ever before. The new program is a new step following the tremendous growth of Vision Jet, including becoming the world's best-selling jet in general aviation in 2020, and will bring the 200th Jet Jet vision in July 2020. 

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