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A Revolver Inspired by
The Mexican Revolutionary
Pancho Villa

Creating something for an exclusive client to engage her is a daunting task. The Unnamed Society certainly belongs to this sphere, which fulfills the desires of the super rich. A company that covers the most professional inventors, craftsmen, designers who produce art objects for an exclusive clientele. One of the latest pieces came from a collaboration with the Swiss master of clocks
L’Épée and was inspired by the Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa. 

The task of The Unnamed Society is to present and create art objects that can surprise even the most privileged individual. His latest work together is "The Diamond", a gem-covered turret table clock that symbolizes the rarity of every moment. Her ethos is primarily about "carpe diem" or a willingness to "seize the day." In creating "The Diamond", The Unnamed Society drew on the support of Swiss watchmaker Heritage, L’Épée, and the Swiss studio Salanitro, which specializes in the field of gemstones for haute horlogerie. It took 140 hours and another 300 hours of careful gem setting by six masters in Geneva.

The "snow spirit" setting technique was used, which requires a particularly complex grain pressing method that only a handful of planters can achieve, especially on such large areas. . The main pistol has cleverly used the "snow spirit" technique to mimic the lingering smoke after the revolver has been discharged. Although they appear to be set at random, each diamond is positioned in a predetermined way to achieve the perfect result. Between gripping black lacquer It is interesting that only three years of the patent of the independent inventor Samuel Colt for the first mechanically indexing turret cylinder and the founding of L'Epée in 1839.

Swiss production has created a
skeletonized movement that rotates two elements. to display hours and minutes. It is refined, deceptively simple, and provides a visual balance with the diamond extravagance of the grip and especially on both sides. The concept of "The Diamond" was based on Mexican General Pancho Villa and one of the most important personalities of the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920 ). The unnamed society was inspired by the exclusivity of his inner circle and the legend that he supported his reputation and actions.

He played brilliantly as himself in Hollywood films and gave interviews to foreign journalists, especially John
Reed, who described his "Ancient Order" supporters. "The Diamond" was presented in December 2020 at the ART in Time gallery in Monaco for samples of Haute horological works and collectors. received very well. Although I usually write about the magazine in the context of high jewelry, it amazes me how there is still something new in the creative field with so many extraordinary talents. Diamond table clocks with a revolver  according to everyone's taste do not have to be inspiring, but it is a willingness to dream about something unique and bring it to fruition. 

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