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A New Level of Sound
Gold APERIO Headphones

In the world of sound, we are witnessing an annual overtaking of brands that can create the most perfect sound. A company like
Warwick Acoustics is one of the leading players in this market and it amazes us every year with its beautiful pieces. The company has always focused on creating breakthrough products that are designed to create the best listening experience. Warwick is known for the fame of its first-of-its-kind headphone and ElectroAcoustic car audio solutions. The limited-edition variant of their Gold APERIO headphones is a special input.

The body of the headphones is clad in 24K gold throughout the set and is coated and hand-finished in Birmingham
's historic "jewelry district". The design of the headphones is based on Warwick's "Complete System Design" methodology, which ensures that every element in the sound path - from source to ear - is developed and designed by a homogeneous process. It comes in a durable travel case complete with electronics and accessories. Pelican Products Inc. and is waterproof, crush, and dust resistant. Once you open the case, you will be greeted by a file inside that is reasonably gold without exaggerating everything.

Opening the case is symbolic because it reminds you of the Latin meaning of APERIO, which The headphone grilles, hardware enclosure, and front panel of the amplifier lie royally seated in hand-crafted 24.99 carat gold of 99.9999%. Each piece is marked with a number indicating its "limited edition" credentials. While the look of the Gold APERIO can seem like a good addition, it's really designed for high-end audio applications that require fidelity and ultra-high definition. 

APERIO is a full network audio system that enables digital audio reproduction of native or higher sampling frequencies of PCM formats at 384 kHz. In addition, all audio signals managed by the system are stored in their original formats. Gold APERIO ensures that analog sounds always remain analog, giving listeners a clean and unadulterated experience. There is a Line Output section where you can expand the system's capabilities by using both balanced and unbalanced output. Sound levels are monitored on the front panel of a high-resolution display. The display helps alert listeners to faults such as disconnected cables or overheating.

Helps protect headphones and pre
vent damage. Thanks to Warwick's patented planar electrostatic technology, APERIO's sound joys are exclusive and can only be experienced with them. The limited-edition headphones use the highest quality and the closest harmonized BD-HPEL converters, which provide the best performance compared to all its siblings. This inverter was originally developed for the SONOMA Model One headphone system by Warwick Acoustics. You don't miss even the smallest details and you enjoy what you have chosen to listen to without getting in the way. It is compatible with all leading systems with firmware that can be updated via USB using a simple APP application for Windows, Linux, or MAC.

Warwick Acoustics proudly claims that Gold APERIO is made without compromise, and many testimonies from those who have heard or owned it simply reflect the claim. Construction products have given the company a head start from the ground up, as it actually owns the engineering and ensures that the vision it builds on coincides with each new release. A limited-edition Gold APERIO is available for $ 35,000. 

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