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Craft Production In Exclusive
Brands Is Simply Incredible

Buying various exclusive brands is the prerogative of the richest. There are brands that bring their exclusivity and their services in the field of individuality
to their own level. If you are a car lover and your pet parked in your garage bears the iconic Bugatti logo, the level of exclusivity we are talking about here is truly unbeatable and it creates its own level. As we know, the company produces a limited series of cars in the number of fewer than 100 pieces per year. This small series production is located in a French plant in the town of Molsheime.

The standards and design level of each
Bugatti produced is the result of several months of individual hand production to meet the demanding standards of the legendary carmaker. After all, just look at iconic models such as the Bugatti Veyron or the new Bugatti Chiron model, each component acts as a work of art and together they create a harmony between the art of grace and technical progress. 

But one thing that is talked about much less is the large oval emblem, which is placed on the iconic grill with the horseshoes of all Bugattis; it's much weirder than one might think. The red and white badge called Macaron has not changed much since it was first used in the first production Bugatti, the Type 13. This makes it incredible as the badges and emblems of almost all other famous car manufacturers have evolved over time.

It is believed that Macaron was designed by Ettore Bugatti himself, which was derived from a design he designed for engine manufacturer Deutz. The idea behind the badge was to make it simple and visually appealing, which immediately caught the attention of the horseshoe-shaped grill. White letters with a bright red background, inspired by the Art Neuvo movement, clearly highlighted it, especially in the early 1920s, complemented by 60 surrounding "pearls" and the company's initials. For more than a century, the Bugatti badge has remained almost identical to And just like the custom-made and hand-crafted nature of Bugatti cars, this emblem is just as special.

"The importance that the
Bugatti Macaron still has for our brand today is shown by its unrivaled quality, loving attention to detail and weight," he says. Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti. The solid badge is made of 970 sterling silver and weighs more than a quarter of a pound. In fact, Winkelmann claims to be one of the few "components on our vehicles where weight plays no role." According to the manufacturer, creating a single Macaron takes about 10 hours and involves a total of 20 people. Each badge is hand-painted and polished. which means that no two Bugatti badges are really identical, which makes them much more special. 

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