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Alrosa Measures To Action in Dubai

Lovers and experts on precious glittering stones can sharpen attention. The auction in Dubai, which will take place on March 22, will be entered by a very rare and unique naturalist who weighs an incredible 242 carat. We can compare its respectable parameters with a golf ball. This unique specimen is owned by diamond producer
Alrosa. It is one of the biggest pieces the band has pulled out since 2000. 

"Rough diamonds, which potentially allow the grinding of a diamond larger than 100 carats, are extremely rare in nature," said Alrosa sales manager Evgeny Agureev in a statement. "Even less often, such gems are traded." In context, all rough diamonds larger than 50 carats mined in Russia are required by law to undergo a state examination and must first be offered to the Gokhran state repository in order to be auctioned. 

If the name Alrosa looks good, it is to be the world's largest producer of rough diamonds and has made some incredible discoveries since its founding in 1992. In fact, only last year the group discovered the world's first diamond in the field of a diamond. The weighing anomaly, weighing only 0.62 carats, was named Matrioška after its Russian doll structure. In addition to the heavyweight headliner, the 100th Alrosa International Auction also includes scores of other super-large stones, including two excellent diamonds, which peak at 191 and 136 carats, respectively. If this trio is too big (or expensive), there are also a bunch of remarkable blings, which have a total of more than 10 carats. Jubilee auction tours will take place at the Alrosa sales office in Dubai from March 14. Get these paddles ready, friends. 

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