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Hermes Speedster
E Electric Dayboat

The goal was clear, use the first serial model 356 from the German carmaker Porsche and transform its striking curves into a daily boat. The British shipyard
Seven Seas Yachts has thus created something that literally makes sense. Hermes Speedster E draws elements of the drop-top version 356. Similarities are similar to analog devices. Stitched leather is used in the interior. The M Speedster E is 22 feet long and has a steep arc of 72 degrees, allowing the boat to cut through the waves and ensure a smooth ride - similar to the inland version. Hermes Speedster E has space for five passengers, two in the passenger seat and the pilot and three in the rear bench.

But the fact that the ship is inspired by a car from the 50s, exactly, does not have its fair share of modern technology. The "hydrodynamic" hull offers low resistance and individual honeycomb design with airtight chambers covered with the outermost part of vinyl ester resin. This design supports efficiency in combination with an electric propulsion system that allows the Hermes Speedster E to reach a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour. it is also possible to use a smaller engine that will still have the same power as a larger one, finally, Seven Seas offers customization services for every aspect of the boat, so you can create a matching kit with your Porsche 356. 

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