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Escape To Relax In a
Godforsaken Place

Many of us seek refuge from the adverse situation around us in God-forgotten places. However, these places hide treasures that you will understand only when you are on the spot. In a land lined with the sun, faded plains, powerful baobabs, and hardy shrubs, Ruaha is home to a large number of lions, elephants, buffaloes, and even endangered African wild dogs. We could also call this place a natural paradise that heals the body and mind.

During the rainy season, visitors can hear the incredible thunder of Ikuka Falls and can even witness the Mwagusi begin to flow after being dry for seven months. The dry season is just as exciting, with opportunities to spot herds of buffalo in the riverbed and elephants digging in the sand due to the water. The eight Jabali Ridge Suites are set among huge granite boulders. Relax in the hammock on the wooden terrace and relax with a book. On sun-drenched days, cool off in the beautiful infinity pool, which overlooks the vast plains, or head to the spa to soothe the tension with a hot stone massage. After a day of walking through the bushes or watching the lions in the game car, stop by the refreshing G&T as the sun sets over Ruaha. 

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