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Mongusta Oceano 39 Guarantees
You The Feeling of Being a
Part of The Ocean

Each of us has a different way of relaxing, but looking at this unique yacht, you will surely agree that most of you would be able to relax in this environment. Perhaps the best way to enjoy the ocean is to be a part of it, but how to be a part of the ocean, this 39-meter yacht called the Mongusta
Oceano 39is based on this philosophy. This latest version, which got its name from a glass villa thanks to its open floor plan and glass walls. It is not new that superyachts offer a luxurious environment, but the incredibly close contact with the sea is a clear highlight thanks to the extensive use of glass, minimal superstructure, and a dam and sliding doors high to the ceiling.

Let's examine the details of this stunning "ocean-going glass villa" that embodies "Mangusta's DNA in innovation, performance and state-of-the-art engineering: The Oceano 39 mongoose features flush decks, large outdoor areas, and two infinity glass pools in front of the main and sun terraces. 

Escape To Relax In a
Godforsaken Place
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