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The Legendary Story Comes
To Life on Your Wrist by
Roger Dubuis

Stories of legends accompany us through our lives all the time. K
ing Arthur and his brave retinue captured the whole world. Countless books and films have been published, but we have focused on one specific story embodied by Roger Dubuis, who used the story of the Knights of the Round Table as inspiration for his watchmaking craft. 

The watches in this collection are quite unique, as Roger Dubuis has taken an artistic approach, combining craftsmanship with the use of disturbing materials. The brand now represents a new chapter for this story. Again, twelve knights, hand-carved to the beat, mark the clock. They do so on a dynamically shaped dial, in which the hands are raised from the center. The dial itself is a combination of white gold, dark gray enamel, and Murano glass. This creates a visually beautiful and dynamic environment for the historic knights who reside in them. 

The new material Roger Dubuis used for this case fits perfectly into this scene. To this end, they rediscovered the ancient art of Damascus steel, in which layers of metal are welded by complex processes using a very labor-intensive process. Roger Dubuis used titanium instead of steel. The result is a state-of-the-art material that honors ancient craftsmanship and fits perfectly into the theme, as in the past, Damascene steel was highly valued and used to make swords and daggers. This Roger Dubuis material not only looks great but also increases wearing comfort because it is 30% lighter than steel, which significantly affects the weight of a 45 mm large case. 


Like King Arthur's brave retinue, Roger Dubuis makes no concessions and has pursued its goals, because this version of the Knights of the Round Table is equipped with the RD821 caliber. This automatic movement takes place during the production of the brand in Geneva, where each of its 172 parts is completed to perfection. As a testimony, he is also certified by the prestigious Geneva Seal. Watches of this caliber are usually equipped with exotic leather straps. Fortunately, Roger Dubuis resisted the temptation to do so and opted for a gray calfskin strap with a vintage finish. In combination with red stitching, it is ideally suited for this edition of the Knights of the Round Table. Only 28 pieces of these watches will be made, which will make them not only artistic but also exclusive. 

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