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Ferrari 812 GTS Stalone DNA
Does Not Deny a Warrior Within

Many brands are trying to pick up a car and start adjusting it. However, there is a difference between adjustment and adjustment. Many brands go their own design path, which often turns out badly. However, we also have such modifiers who tune already perfect machines and bodies into perfect works of art. Before the summer season, the German car manufacturer
Mansory took the Ferrari 812 GTS under its wings to give it a flair that it proudly presents on the sun-drenched French Riviera.

The Mansory Stallone GTS, true to its signature design, is not for the faint of heart and is looking for a decent car. From the moment you look at it. Its exterior is not the only thing Mansory has improved. This GTS has a tuned V12 engine and a new exhaust system that pushes its power above that of the standard Ferrari 812 GTS. Aggressive elegance For those already familiar with the standard 812 GTS, the Mansory Stallone GT is the first thing to excel at angular. Its front part is much sharper, it has new bumpers and a central front in the lower mask similar to that of the LaFerrari. 

The Stallone GTS has a set of front and rear wheels measuring 21 x 9.5 inches and 22 x 12 inches finished in black, making its chassis closer to the ground and looking like a hunkering apocalyptic machine. Sophisticated aerodynamic rear-view mirrors further enhance this intimidating look. Moving backward, it is impossible to overlook the huge carbon-fiber wing. The new rear diffuser, complete with carbon fiber elements, complements the rear wing and nicely wraps the entire package in a suitably aggressive style. Mansory Stallone GTS is finished in Daytona Gray's signature lacquer. In stark contrast to the dark exterior coloring, the interior is finished with bright, electric blue leather upholstery designed by craftsmen and highlighted with white stripes. The blue-white color scheme even applies to the dashboard and when entering the vehicle provides a stunning shade of color. 

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