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Bugatti For The Smallest
Eyes of a Carver

We know Asia as a place that is rich in its trad
itions. A little less flattering is the statement that Asia has become a kind of mecca of counterfeits that are flowing around the world. However, it is not a replica like a replica. A video of a scale model of a Bugatti Centodieci carved from wood circulates on various social networks. It is the work of an unknown carver from Vietnam, who created this model for his son.

The entire body of the children's Bugatti Centodieci model was made of oak wood. The video says that Mr. Nong took 40 days to build a car from scratch and used tools such as chainsaws and chisels to make the body. It may not be the most detailed replica, but the craftsmanship is really great, especially if you think the Bugatti's rounded body is incredibly difficult to replicate with a material like wood.

However, design elements such as the horseshoe grille, the
Bugatti logo, the leadlight design, and even the steering wheel are carved in wood. It is all the more interesting that it is a fully functional model with an electric motor for driving and two batteries for driving the car. The Bugatti Master has even documented the entire wooden Bugatti production process on his YouTube channel. Watch the video; you will be amazed in front of this little Bugatti.

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