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Cognac Worthy of The
Most Exclusive Gustations

Cognac lovers have a reason for less envy, of course in a good way. The brand, which is only worthy of the most exclusive tongues, sold a bottle of cognac for $ 50,000 through Sotheby's. We should not call it a bottle, but rather a work of art in which this rare nectar has been stored. Proceeds from this sale go to the
Shawn Carter Foundation, backed by Jay-Z. 

Ultra-rare Grande Champagne Cognac, aptly named Bottle No. 1, is the first edition of the limited edition 1969 Annersaire Collection, which contains only 285 bottles. The prized term, which was estimated to range from $ 25,000 to $ 75,000, was awarded to an unnamed candidate for $ 52,500. This amount should be thanked for age and aesthetics. It would be irresponsible of us not to tell us how rare this is. Decanted from a single barrel, it matured for half a century in one of the oldest and most story French cognac houses, the Château de Cognac, under the supervision of Michel Casavecchi's Maître de Chai. D'USSE initially surprised co-owner Jay-Z with cognac to celebrate his 50th birthday before the legendary rapper decided to auction the first bottle in the collection. 

"When our master of cellars, Michel Casavecchia, discovered the aged liquid at the Château de Cognac and explained to it how truly unique it was, it was important for me to honor it by doing something to celebrate its uniqueness," Carter said in a statement. According to Casavecchi, cognac has a rich aroma of fresh walnut, hazelnuts and candied apple with a flavor that reveals "incomparable potency". In the beginning, it is said to be woody, with a long finish of stewed fruit, leather, and cigars. The rich design of the bottle reflects the collector's nature of the tip. The elixir is placed in a carafe with a 12-diamond diamond carafe, which has an eye-catching foil of 24-carat gold around its neck. All bottles in the collection are numbered with an inscription on the top, although only one is signed by a recognized musician. 

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