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The Future of Superyachts Through
The Eyes of Gresham Yacht Design’s

A yacht that uses organic shapes throughout the ship to create harmony and continuity. Large nautilus windows blur the boundaries between guests and nature. The upper level is the mission control center, where the owner and guests can plan their adventures and follow the daily activities. In the middle of this space is a recessed seat, which floats between the decks. The deck is equipped with a futuristic skylight that sits directly above and carries the same visual tongue that adds warmth and does not feel impersonal.

To create maximum wealth within the space in the main salon, Thor uses floating glass floors supported by exposed structural rays. The result is a light and spacious sedan with excellent sea views and an eye-catching central lighting function. If you need privacy, the glass floors can be rotated by opaque pressing of a button, visually separating the highest level. from the lower half of the main salon. This area offers all the amenities and comfort you would expect, including a sun lounger, a bar, and a central seating area with additional seating on the starboard side. 

Guerlain With a New Collection
of Fragrances Mon Guerlain
Sparkling Bouquet
The First Hotel in Space
May Soon Become a Reality