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The First Hotel in Space
May Soon Become a Reality

The bold plans that have recently been published are part of a series that many people and space tourism enthusiasts are sure to enjoy. The
Orbital Assembly Corporation has announced that it is preparing to build something that could become the first space hotel in 2026, reports The Washington Post. The station, called Voyager, should include restaurants, a cinema, and even a spa. 

The study, which was published, shows what a hotel orbiting around the country might look like. Ferris wheel-shaped hotel with an outer ring connected to the central hub of the structure by lifts. Although the number of rooms has not yet been confirmed, the newspaper reports that the hotel will have a capacity for up to 280 guests, all of whom will have to undergo some space training, and 112 crew members. The company intends to build a hotel with all the amenities you would expect from a luxury property, including restaurants, entertainment options, a gym, spa, and shopping. Once there, you will be able to embark on space. It is basically a luxury resort that will orbit the Earth. 

However, one question interests most of us. Whether an ordinary mortal can afford it. Room prices have yet to be resolved, but space travel is not cheap. A 30-day trip to the hotel is expected to cost a whopping $ 5 million. As the Post points out, of course, it's still dramatically cheaper than $ 55 million, which costs a private citizen a ticket to the International Space Station (ISS). 

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