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What is the recipe for longevity? Unfortunately, we do not yet have an answer to this question. However, there are companies that are diligently looking for ways to prolong age or at least delay visual aging.
 The Swiss luxury beauty brand is focusing its attention on discovering the science of skin rejuvenation. Behind it is the intensive Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Protocol treatment, which has been developed to literally awaken the skin from the inside to help the cells regain their full potential.

The goal is to finally create an effective rejuvenation loop in all layers of the skin to suppress all signs of aging. But you can't teach an old dog new tricks, you say. However, La
Prairie is different. You will see that the skin has an innate ability to regenerate, but the number of signaling molecules in this rejuvenation process decreases with age. Essential cells produce fewer new skin cells, and normal cells synthesize fewer components of the extracellular matrix (essentially the structural architecture in the layers of skin that are responsible for its strength, elasticity, and volume). The result is a loss of skin tissue, which is a nicer way to say that your skin will fall, wrinkle or even look thinner. 

Instead of just filling in the fine lines on the upper layers of the skin, the serum works by temporarily softening the skin barrier to actually allow its active ingredients to immerse itself in the skin. These active ingredients - which include a mixture of signaling molecules that act as growth factors, a patented multi-peptide platinum, and an exclusive cell complex - then work to restore and regenerate skin cells and form new skin tissues in the long run. It is sold as a set of three vials of amethyst. The monthly intensive experience begins when you place one in the provided Platinum Catalyst activator base. Each ten-day vial is made up of two chambers that combine separate recipes that miraculously combine with a satisfying click as they are turned on the base of the activator. A dramatic process that guarantees maximum freshness of the product 

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