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Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen
Fushi Has Created an Educational
Program For The Little Ones

Fairmont hotel chain offers the Turtle Ranger program at its Sirmont Fen Fushi Fairmont Maldives Resort. The aim of this program is primarily for children, to whom it is to show young guests the importance of protecting the seas through a fun and interactive series of activities. Turtle Ranger participants will assist the resort's marine biologists in their vital efforts to protect turtles and join them in patrolling nest banks. If someone is in a dangerous position - for example, too close to the ocean or in front of predators, the guards will help move the nest to a safer place.

As part of their conservation duties, the
Turtle Rangers will be on alert if a nest occurs during their stay and will play a key role in launching turtles into the ocean. The Fairmont Maldives Turtle Conservation Program is primarily focused on the Hawksbill turtle, which is widespread throughout the ocean but is considered critically endangered. Under the new program, Turtle Rangers will be able to help marine biologists collect ID data from Hawkbills passing through the center, a non-invasive way of tracking their migration patterns, as well as officially naming all newly identified turtles.

To date, more than 50
Hawksbills leaves have been traced in the waters around the resort, 10 of which have persisted in the nearby cliff. If the turtles do not follow, they can go on snorkeling trips in a peaceful lagoon, where they will witness a local coral reef. , which is full of wilderness, from school fish to manta rays. Activities continue on land at the immersive Fairmont Maldives Kids Club, where guests can create ocean-inspired artwork. 

After completing the program, each participant will receive a Turtle Ranger certificate, as well as a lot of new knowledge about the importance of protecting the natural world. The Turtle Ranger program is the latest initiative in the ongoing efforts to sustain and protect the seas in the Fairmont Maldives, which cannot be negotiated as an annotated facility. To support the regeneration of local coral reefs, the center has set up an artificial reef for all villas, which serves as a tidal gallery. The steel structure of the Coralarium has been expertly designed to function as a habitat for many marine species. Hard crustacean shells with biomass support the organic growth of corals. 

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