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Beyoncé and Lorraine Schwartz
Came Together To Help a Good Cause

Some connections bring amazing things. Proof of such a connection is the connection between actress and singer
Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and renowned jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. These two amazing and creative ladies have decided to create and provide a scholarship that will be aimed at professionals in the field of black jewelry. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter x Lorraine Schwartz Scholarship The GIA scholarship will fund full tuition and expenses for two applicants to study at the Gemological Institute in America, a non-profit jewelry organization, on a virtual distance learning course.

Successful candidates will receive a place in the prestigious
Graduate Gemologist program from GIA, which provides the comprehensive knowledge and technical skills needed to evaluate gemstones based on several internationally recognized systems, including 4C (color, clarity, grinding, and carat weight), International Diamond Classification System and System classification of colored stones. The Graduate Gemologist course will be taught through the GIA distance learning program and will be a combination of virtual courses and assessments to be performed according to the student's own schedule and several laboratory meetings on campus. 

The scholarship concept was originally born of Beyoncé and Schwartz's long-standing friendship and shared passion for jewelry: Schwartz donated one place to the singer in the Graduate Gemologist course, which she assigned, with GIA funding for second place in the program. "I am honored to have this scholarship in my name, but it is best to connect with my friend Lorraine Schwartz to give two people the opportunity to study," Beyoncé said.

"We both believe that learning is constant." It's a chance to learn. " from the best, to create generational wealth and change the love of gems for careers. "
Lorraine Schwartz is often referred to as a celebrity jewelry designer who has made pieces for women like Oprah and Lady Gaga. During her career, the designer has been involved in many philanthropic initiatives to improve the availability and diversification of the jewelry industry, including the recent Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative, which offered jewelry designers a $ 1 million share of diamond credit. "This scholarship is a tribute to Beyoncé for the inspiration she has given me during my career," Schwartz said. to show the community the endless opportunities that are in the industry, especially for black professionals. " 

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