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The Concept of The New
Decade of Super Yacht Design

If you are interested in the world of yachting, you are definitely wondering what the yachts of the future will look like and the technol
ogies that will be used, shapes that are bolder from year to year. Piredda & Partners claims that the future of yachting begins right now with the new Super Yacht concept.This bold concept is supposed to be a kind of harbinger of what we can expect from new yacht owners. This is a new entry into the next generation of marine design. It features a futuristic sports exterior along with an interior that offers a luxurious space that can be more easily combined with the manor house.

"The concept is based on a desire for innovation, ideas for a new mind, and new forms that the industry needs,"
Nicolò Piredda, CEO of Piredda & Partners. This provides a huge amount of interior space and also a lot of natural light. In the heart of the vessel is a large living room with high ceilings that you expect earlier in a luxury house, complemented by extensive floor-to-ceiling windows.

This area, together with the rest of the interior, is equipped with furniture and materi
als selected from around the world, which pay homage to nature and different cultures. In terms of accommodation, Now offers four VIP apartments on the main deck, four guest cabins on the lower deck, and rooms for the bridge crew. The owner's lounge, meanwhile, occupies the entire private deck. The vessel can accommodate a total of 18 guests and 41 crew members.

"The feeling of walking through these spaces is elegant but informal, with variations of open spaces, intimate nooks, and exclusive private spaces," said Piredda & Partners interior chief Federico Lo Giudice, the statement said. on an area of ​​more than 800 square feet, and a full arcade with terraces. Outside, this vessel has a large basketball court on the front deck that serves as a helipad, an infinity pool cascading to the platform, a hot tub, and a rooftop party area on the upper deck for late Shenanigans. As for the drive, Now was developed with a hybrid diesel-electric setting, although it could be improved at the request of the owner. 

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