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Hotels Like From The Future: Qatar
City of Unlimited Possibilities and
Fulfillment of The Most Daring Visions

Hotels that can be written in the best and are marked with 5 stars and that float, we know quite a lot and there are no exceptions in the world. Many of the world's archite
cts ask the same question. How to create a sustainable ecological complex that is worth 5 stars? The Turkish Studio (HAADS) has decided to accept this challenge and vision. Its concept is based on the very essence of ecology and renewable resources. The company began designing in March 2020 and follows the motto "minimum energy losses and zero waste". 

For this reason, the project incorporates the latest green technologies that reduce the carbon footprint and are satisfied with green travelers. The futuristic design is characterized by the unique ability to spin and produce clean energy just like a huge water generator. According to the project specifications shared by HAADS, the hotel generates electricity by automatically rotating its position and converting the energy of running water into electricity. 

To achieve this goal, the structure is equipped with a set of propellers and nozzles under the waterline, which are controlled by a sophisticated computer system. The hotel, which will eventually cover an area of ​​more than 376,000 square feet or about 8.6 acres, also has 55 vertical winds. turbines that can produce 25 kW of electricity and double as parasols for guests. The vortex-shaped roof is not just a remarkable design element, it helps to collect rainwater. Other ecological elements include a system that converts food waste into fertilizer for gardens and wastewater treatment plants. Needless to say, ocean shelter is not an acronym for luxury. The interior has a huge glass atrium in the middle, along with 152 guest suites with a private balcony. The design plans also show a number of rich facilities, such as an infinity pool, a rooftop bar, a beach club, and a mini-golf course. 

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