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Pamper your senses with
Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura

Everyone wants to be pampered a little from time to time, if it was up to us, then the pampering would not be over.
Acqua di Parma has decided that it will start to pamper us in fact uniquely, its new scent of a limited edition should be the right thing that can pamper your senses. Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura is this year's fragrance, which draws inspiration from a specific part of the Italian Mediterranean.

The origin of this fragrance is the beautiful bergamot fields of Calabria. This is where a special and rare process of manual juice extraction is used; "La Spugnatura“. The essence of bergamot, practiced by only a few artisans in the world, is hand-extracted by this fascinating traditional process, a real art that takes time and skillful and precise gestures. Real art that takes time and clever, precise, fine gestures.

The craftsman cuts each fruit into two equal halves with a well-sharpened knife. They then use a spoon-shaped dish called a "cavatore" to separate the skin from the flesh. rare fragrant liquid. The limitations and thus the uniqueness of the essence depending on human production capacity. Two artisans manage to pass over 75 to 100 kg of fruit per hour, and at least 200 kg is needed to obtain one kilogram of essential oil. Read our guide this summer's best scents Then it is stored in a beautifully hand-finished porcelain bottle in a deep blue color, decorated with beautiful golden bergamot fruits.

The bottle is a handicraft production and is fully characterized by the reuse of water and waste materials in accordance with the principles of the circular economy. In addition to the natural mineral components from which it was made, it produces non-porous and non-polluting material. for humanity and for the environment. The long process begins with the production of a plaster mold in which the porcelain mixture is poured by hand to obtain the iconic Art
Déco mold. The mold is inverted several times to ensure that the mixture adheres to the sides and then turned upside down to extract more mixture.

At this point, the bottle is allowed to dry for 30 to 40 minutes and then extracted from the mold in solid form.
Like any theatrical performance, the introduction has a story and the conclusion has an exciting conclusion, the scent itself, which for its last touch is a handicraft application of an ornament, which is set by the second baking of the bottle. Against the blue background, the amazing golden fruits of bergamot stand out in white and gold reflections. 

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