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Tiffany Blue Triton Explores
The Ocean To a New Level

Exploring the ocean has never been more adventurous than with the "Tiffany
BlueTriton. The world's first "Unlimited Depth" certified submarine in 2018, through exploration of the deepest depths in 2019 to the delivery of the first major tourist submarine, the latest submarine from Triton Submarines is an innovative Triton 3300/6. Addressing the growing demand for larger capacity submarines that allow families or groups of guests to participate in experiences that create unique shared memories, Triton is pleased to announce this unique vessel.

The submarine is the world's first six-person acrylic hull submarine ever built and offers the world's largest transparent spherical passenger space, providing immersive ocean views outdoors. As the largest submersible acrylic hull in the world with a certified depth rating of up to 1,000 m (3,300 feet), the sphere has an outer diameter of more than 2.5 m and boasts an internal volume of more than 5 m3. The luxurious interior comfortably seats its guests by sitting in a club class, while the blue exterior of Tiffany virtually disappears in the blue waters of the Caribbean and its surrounding islands.

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