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Chinese Startup Ninebot
Presented a Vision of Its
Hybrid Motorcycle Apex H2

Chinese robotics startup
Ninebot presented its concept and vision of the Apex H2 motorcycle. The hybrid system in a combination of hydrogen and electricity will be able to reach a maximum speed of 93km / h, making it the fastest Segway of all time. The Apex H2 follows the concept of Apex electric super motorcycles from 2019. Like this prototype, it has a sporty design inspired by cyberpunk, which would not be in place in the continuation of Tron. The glossy black and white bicycle has all the distinctive shapes, sharp angles, and a strange one-sided front fork.

However, the most striking aspe
ct of the design is the neon-lit accents, which draw your attention to its wheels and elegant engine compartment. The engine settings also have their own. The Apex H2 will include a hybrid powertrain that will convert hydrogen gas to electricity through a special fuel cell, according to the New Atlas. Ninebot claims that the hydrogen-electric setup will be able to generate more than 80 horsepower and rocket power from zero to 60 mph in less than four seconds. Given that the original Segway - yes, the infamous two-wheeled passenger transporter preferred by commercial cops - reached a speed of 10 miles per hour, it is quite impressive, although slower than the top speed of the Apex concept, which quoted 124 miles per hour. / h.

Of course, there is one fundamental difference between the two bikes:
the Apex H2 will be one of the rare concept vehicles you can buy. Ninebot said the motorcycle would start production in 2023, with deliveries to begin in the same year. When the H2 finally goes on sale, the motorcycle joins a diverse Segway set, which includes a motorized chair on Wall-E-style wheels and a high-performance go-kart approved by Lamborghini, which can ride at 25 km / h. You're doing it, Segway. 

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