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Who Will Have The Privilege
to perform on This Year’s Super Bowl
Half Time Show?

If Super Bowl match itself is not a huge deal already
the half time performance show definitely adds up to the event’s popularity.
For decades now, prominent artists and performers have been fighting for
the prime spot on the half time show since Super Bowl is only the most
watched event of the century.

Tohtoročná už 53. Super Bowl sa bude konať na humongousovom štadióne
Mercedez-Benz v Atlante v Georgii. Napriek kontroverzii, ktorá nasledovala
po bojkotovaní a proteste NFL quarterbackom Colinom Kaepernickom a jeho
priaznivcami celebrít, polovičná show v nedeľu bude stále obsahovať
niektoré z obrovských mien na súčasnej hudobnej scéne.

The invitation to headline the Super Bowl half time show was this year
accepted by the legendary pop-rock band Maroon 5. 
We cannot think of a better group to kick-off the half time show
than the band led by the angelic voice of Adam Levine.

The band will be later joined on the stage by rapper legend Big Boi
who is an Atlanta native and will, therefore, bring out the true heart
and soul of the city of light as well as the rapping sensation Travis Scott
whose recent Astroworld album tour just completely wrecked
all the previous sale ratings.

The Super Bowl will be broadcasted already this Sunday starting at 6:30 p.m.
ET. Set your alarms now and do not miss out on the fiery battle between
the Los Angeles Rams and home team of the NFL legend Tom Brad 
the New England Patriots. But most importantly, make sure to watch the half time show!
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