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Brand New Innovation By Lamborghini Italtecnology
Lamborghini's E-Bikes Sporter And Crosser

Lamborghini, one of the world’s most known and loved car manufacturer came out
with something brand new. Their newest innovation is not a car
but two E-Bikes which look astonishing!

Lamborghini refers to it as "the pure innovation of an ancient concept"
and with all the technology and the design it has, we must say they've done a great job.
Distributed by the company (situated in Pordenone FVG) Italtecnology
under the exclusive license of Automobili Lamborghini. Venetia Communication who's
role is the luxury cycle tourism with the help of Lamborghini, their official partner
the E-Bikes are destined to have success. The goal of this innovation is to make them
the most advanced electric bicycles on the market and there’s a huge
probability of the goal becoming a reality.

Both Crosser and Sporter offer a maximum assisted speed of 25km/h and both of them have
got an option for the rider to either not use the assistance at all or to use one of four types:
Eco, Low, High, Race.

The E-Bikes have made their first appearance in Monegasque territory
at an event organized by Venetia Communication, a communication company
situated in Veneto. Many successful and open-minded people were in attendance
including Flavio Briatore, Jaques Rossi, and many more.

The idea of the event called Bulldays Tour is to reunite all the Lamborghini owners
and enjoy with them a three days tour. The first one took place in Friuli and Veneto
and it has achieved great success, which was a signal to organize another one.

“I’m here to present to you the pure innovation of an ancient concept: the bike.
We are not talking about a simple bike, we are talking about how the study of a simple
vehicle led to the birth of the new international lifestyle icon. From this moment it is
born the luxury cycle tourism in Montecarlo,”
 said Stefano Cigana, CEO of Venetia Communication. 

The bikes are currently on sale in Europe and the Middle East. Soon, it will expand
even further – to the USA and Latin America. Go get yours before it’s too late!

We can’t wait to see more progress and innovation Lamborghini is surely preparing for us! 


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