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Conrad Hilton Is
The Founder of The Hilton Family Hotels,
a company that owns more than500 hotels worldwide.

He started his business during the 20th century, and when the Great Depression came, he lost almost everything he managed to build. Despite his bitter deal, he did not give up and continued with the eight hotels he had left after the crisis. Over the years, he finally built an empire worth several billion dollars.

Today, we'll move you through the rules that Conrad has followed all his life to succeed.

Find your talent
Conrad Hilton was an advocate of the idea that every person is good at one specific thing and that they have to work on it. Therefore, it is important that you find something that really fulfills you, or you think it would satisfy you.

Think and act in bulk
Conrad Hilton believed that the road to success was through expanding the hotel network. Since it is a good idea to have as many people as possible about your business, having more hotels has proved a good strategy.

"You must have big dreams to achieve great things." - Conrad Hilton

Don't let your property own you Hilton never believed in a materialistic lifestyle. Money didn't change his character. The reason is that if you let yourself be carried away by material things, you will lose the most beautiful parts of life that are free.

Don't worry about problems.Worrying about all the obstacles that come in your way will not help you solve them. So do not waste your energy to torment, rather use it to find a solution.

Don't bother with the past Conrad Hilton has always argued that it is important to move forward. Although he had used the lessons of the past throughout his life, he had never bothered about the problems he had already had.
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