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Collecting Activities
Are Beginning To Change Their Habits

It is common knowledge that ultra-rich collectors invest in assets such as buying cars, art, jewelry. However, the trend is changing and collectors respond. Recently, there has been interest in whiskey, where it has risen in value by 23% over the past year, making it a leader in luxury assets. 


Interest in whiskey as a collector’s item has picked up significantly, particularly among the ultra-affluent in China and other parts of Asia. Knight Frank’s Luxury Investment Index for the second quarter of 2019 found that along with whiskey, values for art and coins have grown by double digits between June 2018 and June 2019. 

Collection comparisons 

Knight Frank added whiskey to its Luxury Investment Index in 2018. The figures measured by Rare Whisky 101 show that the spirit’s values have more than quintupled during the last decadeThe 23 percent increase for whiskey in the past year came despite some slowing of the category, driven partly by an increase in volume. One of the harbingers of the market, Macallan, has seen prices decline this year. 

Rare Whisky 101 expects values to return to steady growth later this year. 

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