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Tiffany & Co:
Chess Game With Your Eyes

Chess lovers, get the attention, but actually get the attention of all those looking for something special, something that would please friends, loved ones, but only those who like to indulge in luxury toys.Tiffany & Co. created a chess set in Sterling Silver and 24k Gold. Every extraordinary thing has a value thatwe will tell you at the end. It is as exclusive as chess itself.Part of the brand’s Everyday Objects collection, the Vermeil Chess Set (as it is called) boasts sterling silver and 24k gold vermeil board and chess pieces housed inside a matching sterling silver box lined in gray feltwith a satin finish bottom.

The exquisite board measures 12 X 12” and contains exotic accentuations in solid wood. It is meticulously crafted by Tiffany’s master craftsmen (at the very iconic Tiffany hollowware workshop in the United States) who took over a year to bring the set to finish. You can own this fun for $ 75,000.It is worth considering whether you will indulge in this chess game, which will definitely be the main point of your collection of board games.
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