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The Road To The Success of DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled, surely most of you know him, no need to introduce him specifically. His inspiring story, however, is worth telling. Like most beginning musicians, DJ Khaled started in humble conditions. His parents were Palestinian immigrants who came to Louisiana in their early twenties with $ 20 in their pocket and a small van. They made money by selling clothes at a local supermarket.

It was there that Khaled began to devote himself to DJ-ing as a 13-year-old. He had keys in his garage, turntables, a drum machine, and several records. After leaving his parents, Khaled stayed alone in Orlando and tried to start a career as a DJ. He played in various clubs and local music studios but still didn't earn more than $ 100 a week. "I had no furniture in the apartment. Just an empty refrigerator and lots of records. I was sleeping on the floor and I was so disappointed, ruined and disgusted that I finally returned to New Orleans, "says DJ Khaled.

In his hometown, Khaled was employed as a bus driver at Shoney’s. However, he did not forget his relationship with the music he developed on Odyssey Records. In the recording studio, he also met famous rap personalities such as Birdman and Lil Wayne, whom he later worked with according to the Miami New Times.
A few years later he won a $ 5,000 DJ contest for which he rented U-Haul, where he transferred all his stuff. Motivated by winning and success, he returned to Orlando. There he was fined several times for fast driving, even ended up in a month in prison. "On the day I was released, I went to Miami. Like my father, I had $ 20 in my pocket and a great determination to conquer this city, "he writes in The Keys.

Hard work began to pay off. At the age of 22, Khaled was given the opportunity to play on a Friday night show at one of the hip hop stations in Miami and managed to perform at the famous Miami party called Rockers Island. Khaled's career progressed very quickly. As the New Times writes, Khaled had his own show in 2003 and worked on his album. The first and acclaimed album We Takin Over was released in 2007, featuring not only Khaled himself but also 50 other celebrities such as Lil Wayne, Birdman and Akon.

Even though Khaled was not born in the time of social networks, he found a way to them. For many years now, he has been posting videos to his fans not only on motivation and business but also on his privacy. He has won the hearts of many fans.
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