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Every success goes through different stages of the journey. We have 4 stages of success through which you reach your destination. If you can identify them, your path to success is guaranteed. As is already the case, there is one particular moment in the path to success, at which there is an idea. Planning and "kicking" takes a long time but usually doesn't take more than the journey.

And you can see the reward as a never-ending feeling. Unfortunately, it often does not last long. After the reward, the success ends. Then comes the time for a new idea and repeating the whole process again. It is up to you whether you settle for one good idea or during your life journey you will create ideas that will accompany you throughout your life.


It is a phase based on your creative thinking and imagination. Your mind will suddenly give birth to an idea that you think has the potential to succeed. You hold on to it firmly, and when you see its quality, it takes you to the next stage. But when do the best ideas come to you?

Many great films are made in which the secrets of success are described, and most have one common best idea to come in moments that we could call adversity. When the conditions around you are not ideal, you need to come up with solutions that get rid of problems as soon as possible.

This is the phase of planning, motivation, and inspiration.

After feeling awake you will feel that something is pushing you forward. Because of this feeling, you will fight for your idea and refuse to give up so easily. If you miss a drive, it is very likely that the results of the road to success will not be positive. When you have an idea, you also need to find the motivation to persevere to work on it and make it work to success.

The road

When you get enough of the courage and motivation that is your fuel, it is time to go. This is the phase where you spend most of your time.
The path of each of us will look different, so it is completely useless to compare ourselves with our surroundings. On the way, you realize that it is not enough to just hope and wait for results. It is important to maintain motivation and to make every effort to achieve the goal.


The time has come when your journey to success is over and you can start enjoying the reward. But even reward is not a matter of course. You have to be mentally prepared for it, otherwise, you basically have nothing. Therefore, it is important to remember that this is not just about properly implementing the plan and maintaining motivation. In order to receive the reward, it is necessary to "set up".
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