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Roles Exchanged by
Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton

Both of these athletes belong to the icons of their sport. Both are multiple world champions. Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi exchanged roles and tested their skills on different machines. Sports icons thus took advantage of the winter break for such an interesting experience.

The current Formula 1 champion does not hide his love for motorbikes. This time he tried a Yamaha motorcycle, but he managed it well despite the fact that he was complaining about an unpleasant wind after the test run to Rossi.

However, his Italian also left. He sat in the winning Mercedes-Benz single-seater of 2017 and completed a few laps on the track in Valencia, Spain. The seven-time MotoGP world champion had visibility problems while driving, but he claimed to Hamilton that after a few laps he had become accustomed to this.
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