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Experience Interni
Restaurant & Bar In
The Heart of Mykonos

You're looking for a great night to show up to your loved ones. Mykonos and the Restaurant Interni are the right places. This famous open-air restaurant and bar are hidden in the heart of Mykonos's maze among luxury boutiques and white architecture present. 

One of the main hits of this restaurant is the courtyard. Expect greatly prepared food, fantastic music and a lively atmosphere that will flow through all your senses.  Designed by Paola Navone from Italy and owned by Nikos Varveris, Interni Mykonos is a hip hotspot ideal for dining & drinking in style. 

Interni Restaurant serves basically Mediterranean cuisine, coupled with flavors from around the world. We dined here in June, early in the evening, and the look & feel were really cool and the food, served by well-dressed waiters, was good but not fantastic. Our favorite dishes: Avocado Gazpacho with scallops, mustard seed caramel, and crispy prosciutto, Prawn Tempura with a gingered Korean barbeque sauce and Oven-baked crispy chicken in yogurt with bulgur cracked wheat. Not hungry? Drop by for pre-party drinks. 

Yes, it’s pricey, like most of the places in Mykonos, and a little bit chaotic during high season, but it’s worth it. Without a doubt, Interni Restaurant & Bar is one of the prettiest and most popular venues of Mykonos Town. Go and try it soon! 

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