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Mansa Musa
The Richest Person of All Time

Today, the world's richest people have gained their fairy-tale property through their entrepreneurial skills. The ranking is made up mainly of people who have started to devote themselves to technology. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, Bill Gates Microsoft, or currently the richest man on the planet Jozef Bazos, who is behind the giant Amazon. If we counted their assets, it would make a remarkable $ 273 billion.

There is, however, one person who, in the sum of his possessions, far surpassed all three. If we want to get to know the richest person of all time, we will travel a little at a time, better to the middle of the 14th century, to Africa to the place of today's Mali. His name was Mansa Musa. This ruler and king of kings get on the throne after his father did not return from a long expedition to find the Atlantic frontier. Mansa Musa thus came to the forefront of the country and a place that was an important place at the crossroads of African trade routes. After all, the taxation of the Camel caravan that passed through his country generated at that time a huge financial income. But his wealth came from other commodities, gold, and salt. They were the largest gold producers in the world in the 14th century, all the gold that was mined and owned by Mans Musa.

The second most important commodity was salt. Significant deposits were located in the north of his country. Thanks to its location there was so much that salt was used by the locals to build houses. In a country with such supplies, it was virtually worthless if it moved south to coastal places, where it was so rare that it literally became a white treasure. These commodities have made Mansa Musa the richest person in history. His property, however, is very difficult to calculate, but historians are leaning towards the sum of $ 500 billion today, which, if you count well, is several times more than the three richest people together. There are several milestones in his life that are worth mentioning. One of them is his journey to Mecca. Mansa Musa was a loyal Muslim and, like every Muslim, he was obliged to get to Mecca at least once in his life. His voyage was so great that it was 60,000 thousand people and 12,000 slaves. Every slave was obliged to carry at least one gold bar. There were also dozens of announcers and 80 camels in their caravans carrying gold on their backs, which were distributed to the poor people on the road. But this gold also served as gifts to the rulers of the places he went through.

One historian described his almost bizarre wealth with its golden sheen, and also shed the bitter African sun. Mansa Musa was known to be very generous in giving gifts. It also had its negative. Thanks to his generosity in Egypt, Cairo caused a sudden influx of gold into the country such a collapse of local economies that it took them two to ten years to recover from it altogether. Thanks to his fabulous wealth, Mansa Musa has become the richest person of all time.
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