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If You Are a Quality Rum Fan,
You Should Know a Few Things

... for example, the word rum was used in Barbados in 1620 to describe the harsh, strong and intoxicating alcohol made from sugar cane juice. Today we want to focus on Jamaican Rum because it bears the title as the second oldest produced Rum in the world and its brand dates back to 1749 and is Jamaican Appleton. The title claimed by Barbados Company Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd. Founded in 1703. Jamaica currently has the widest range of rums in the world. Jamaican rum is currently being shipped in 70 countries around the world. 

Just as the interesting history of Jamaican rum is also an interesting production. In order to produce rum, molasses, a thick syrup, which is essentially sugar cane juice, needs to be crystallized by boiling and subsequently fermented. The resulting "wash" has about 6% alcohol which, after distillation, produces rum as a sharp, colorless liquid with about 80% alcohol content. White rum (popular on the local market) is essentially this product, diluted to 40% alcohol. Gold rums are formed by the aging pure liquid in oak barrels to absorb liquid from oak. Darker, heavier Jamaican rums come from a combination of molasses and foam from boiling barrels with sugar, which is stored in oak barrels. The fermentation of other substances in molasses can enhance the taste of rum and its aroma. 

The best quality rums have matured for at least 21 years.
Appleton Estate was created as a flagship. A limited number of bottles, typically for collectors. In 2002 he was awarded a gold medal at the "International Wine and Spirit Competition" in London.

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