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Saint Bart
hélemy place for new holiday experiences

The celebrations of the new year are successfully behind us and the whole new year 2020 ahead. This is the time to start filling these days with new experiences. The perfect place for a new experience, a luxury holiday full of relaxation, sun, ethereally beautiful nature can be found at Anse Toiny, Saint Barthélemy 

We have chosen a beautiful modern Villa Enzuma for inspiration. The villa is located in the charming part of Toiny. The villa overlooks the Caribbean ocean and offers fantastic views over the bay. With its 3 bedrooms under the same roof, and its large kitchen and living areas, this modern and very well equipped villa is perfect for a holiday in Saint Barthelemy with family or friends. The wide outside terrace, which includes a beautiful outdoor dining area as well as lounging furniture, is perfect to relax in during your Holidays. You will enjoy swimming in the large pool while watching the beautiful view of the ocean 

With a completely up-and-running infrastructure, pristine and empty beaches, and guaranteed Gallic flair, now couldn't be a better time to finally take that first visit, or a return to see what's new. 

saint bart
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