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London With Michelin Stars

Do you like Michelin Star's culinary experiences and love the charm of London? We have places to visit. As for London's Michelin Stars, there is nothing more luxurious in this area than Mayfair. This area boasts 16 restaurants decorated with Michelin Stars. 

We have a list of the best restaurants in this area 

Hide – 2 Michelin Stars 

This collaboration between Hedonism Wines and Chef Ollie Dabbous offers a place for every occasion, without being pretentious or predictable. Styled to represent the branches of a tree, each floor flooded with natural daylight emulates a different shade of the oak. Travel the levels as you sample dishes from root to leaf, featuring natural ingredients at their best 

Umu – 2 Michelin Stars

Nestled in Burton Place, Umu prides itself on innovative Japanese cuisine created by renowned Chef Yoshinori Ishii. With over twenty years of cooking elegant dishes under his belt, Ishii is also a skilled fisherman, potter, and calligrapher. You can see his eye for beauty in every dish, a sense of delicate attention to detail and artful expertise. Umu speaks to Ishii’s elevated eyehe’s involved in every aspect from flower arranging to the ceramic tableware. The fish dishes are an absolute must, courtesy of Cornish and Scottish fishermen who have been taught the praised ikejime method of killing fish. Their quality speaks volumes 

Le Gavroche – 2 Michelin Stars 

Dubbedthe ultimate fine-dining dream”, Le Gavroche continues to set new standards of cooking. Since opening in 1967 the experience of dining at Le Gavroche has become synonymous with timeless excellence. It was the first UK restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars – a worthy achievement for chef Michel Roux Jr’s cuisine.In an age of health-conscious eating, there is something wonderfully daring about Roux’s unapologetically extravagant French dishes. There is a gentle hum of satisfaction that fills the air in this haute cuisine establishment; go and immerse yourself in it 

We stick to the adage, it is better to experience once than hear twice. 

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