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Stenzhorn The ‘Una’
Collection Inspired By Earth

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Stenzhorn brand, the 'Una' collection was launched. The company has thus embedded the legacy and message of technological innovation, and the line has also been inspired by Earth's scientific research. Like the name of the collection, which is based on the Latin word "union", its essence is captured in these jewels. 

Each of theUnajewels retains the exceptional femininity that is a signature of Stenzhorn through clusters of round brilliant diamonds connected by tapered baguettes, all forming one larger, circular motif. The scintillating stones bring to mind stars, set at different levels to evoke these sparkling points of light illuminating the night sky. The pink sapphires and rubies are dappled throughout the collection playfully, adding pops of color to a sophisticated and restrained palette. The Founder of the brand, Klaus Stenzhorn affirmed: “these are my favorite materials, I’m not particularly fond of mixing multiple colors in my creations; I like to keep it harmonious and clean.” 

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