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Louis Vuitton Debuts
Its Restaurant in Osaka

Louis Vuitton expands its operations and services by opening a restaurant business Le Café V and Sugalabo V inside its new flagship store in Osaka, Japan The restaurants' menus were curated by chef Yosuke "Suga" Sugalabo whose self-titled 20-table Tokyo restaurant was named one of the best in the world by the French restaurant ranking guide La Liste. 

Louis Vuitton is the latest luxury line to debut a high-end eatery at one of its flagships. The Louis Vuitton restaurant fits within a broader strategy of struggling retailers looking to lure shoppers away from their laptops and into brick-and-mortar stores, said Luca Solca, managing director of luxury goods research at Sanford C. Bernstein Schweiz. 

The Louis Vuitton store's massive showroom was designed with a Japanese nautical theme by architects Jun Aoki and Peter Marino to celebrate Osaka's sea-faring history. Its facade is designed to look like a series of white sails, giving the location the look and feel of a traditional Japanese cargo ship.

"This new four-floor store reflects Osaka's heritage as Japan's most important port and highlight's the city's growing role as an international travel hub," the company said in a written announcement. 

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