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Gold and Beauty Have
Gone Hand in Hand For Centuries

Gold and cosmetics, gold is increasingly used and promoted in cosmetic products. It is used in beauty products for several reasons. Gold has antibacterial effects, so it acts as a filter. Furthermore, gold is considered in beauty products as a rare ingredient or effect. Gold is not in cosmetics and even in ancient times there was no marketing move of big brands. The microparticles used and supplied in creams and various sera reflect light and thus immediately radiate and optically smooth your skin. Allergic reactions from gold are virtually zero. 

Gold is considered to be an antioxidant that brightens and protects the skin. Due to its composition, it regulates the tone to reduce the signs of redness and pigmentation. It improves circulation and gives the skin a relaxed appearance. We have prepared several types of sera that you might find useful: 

Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold, LA PRAIRIE 

In a moment, the skin is covered with golden light and visibly improved. This superb liquid with gold particles lies gently on the skin to deeply revitalize and improve the structure of the skin. Light your inner clarity. Complete the Radiance Care Ritual. Apply pure gold to the cell radiation concentrate and then apply Cellular Radiance Eye Cream and cell radiation cream for more thorough hydration. 

L'Or de Vie Le Sérum, DIOR 

Dior has
created its new skincare masterpiece: L’Or de Vie Le Sérum with 100% Yquem extracts. This rejuvenating elixir acts ultra-quickly to spectacularly transform the skin with every drop. 

Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Dual Infusion, ESTÉE LAUDER 

Ultimate Diamond Dual Infusion from Estée Lauder Ultimate gives you beautiful, smooth and plump skin. Extra Re-Nutritic skincare combines the secrets of nature with innovative power and is used after Re-Nutriv cleansing. The treatment cream's effectiveness is due to the Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Dual Infusion treatment. The combination of advanced cell longevity technology with twice the amount of black diamond truffle extract gives the skin perfect beauty. 

Platinum Gold Elixir, DR. SEBAGH 

Platinum Gold Elixir uses advanced skincare technology to give the face a stronger, more distinctive tone. To achieve maximum benefit, use platinum gold within four weeks as a treatment cycle in serum. "Dr. Sebagh 

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