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Reuben Singh Exclusive
Car Lover Has Expanded
His Collection

We are pleased to bring you various articles from the automotive and car enthusiasts that help this amazing industry move forward and push its limits. One such enthusiast is Mr. Reuben Singh, who owns an exclusive collection of cars. He is the chief executive of the contact center of the company alldayPA and private equity firm Isher Capital and above all has emerged as an Internet sensation who is known for rocking the world of netizens with his splurging tendencies. 

Mr. Singh has cars in the collection such as Bugatti Veyron
, Porsche 918, Pagani Huayara and the world's only limited edition Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. This time he attracted attention when he decided to buy six Rolls Royces, which he called his own jewelry collection. His ruby, emerald and sapphire shades were created only for his collection. 

Order of 6 Rolls Royces was so unique that it was delivered by Rolls Royce CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos himself.The car enthusiast can now claim a fleet of Rolls Royce.

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