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The iPhone 11 Pro as
Tesla's Cybertruck

Caviar recently published a revised version of the iPhone 11 Pro, inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck.For all of us, the taste of stinging things is taken as something very special, and the same can be said of the iPhone 11 Pro, inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck. For some uninviting art accessory, for some tasteless and useless.  

We perceive it as imaginative, quite elegant with distinctive geometric lines. The phone comes in a titanium body and thanks to its shape it reminds of the Cybertruck from Tesla. It's essentially an iPhone 11 Pro inside a titanium case that protects it from all sides. On the front, there's a titanium screen protector that folds into a holder that props up the phone vertically when placed on a flat surface. The super-luxe phone is limited to only 99 units and can be purchased at the Caviar website. 

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