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Roger Dubuis and His
Sinergy with Lamborghini

Roger Dubuis has created a combination of watchmaking and the automotive industry, which are based on the essence of both brands. Both brands must be in the same spirit and have equal access to product development. Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini have this match. The watches that have so far been based on this still relatively young collaboration have been not only impressive but have also drawn you into the Lamborghini world without the car in sight. 

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Huracán Performante is equipped with an automatic Caliber RD60, whose 12-degree balance is an absolute eye-catcher. The rest of the movement is quite simple - for Roger Dubuis, it means - because it does not offer any other complications beyond the date. 

Some details are very fine, for example, a crown that resembles the screws used on the vehicle rim; others are more pronounced, such as the hexagonal design above the main drums that Lamborghini uses to give its cars power, but to keep them in light places around which there were "struts". 

Excalibur Huracán Performante has, by the way, two-barrel barrels that provide a clock power reserve of 60 hours. Roger Dubuis chose titanium as the case material: it is a good choice because it contributes to the look and feel of high technology while keeping the weight down, which is always a problem when the watch is 45mm in diameter. As has become a tradition in Roger Dubuis Lamborghini watches, the strap is made of Pirelli rubber, but now includes the Alcantara inlay on the Huracán Performante seats.

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