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The New Generation of
Lamborghini Huracan Evo

As is the case with premium brands, they leave nothing to chance, always moving their iconic car continuations one class higher. Lamborghini is a brand that tunes its icons to perfection. The new generation Lamborghini Huracan EVO is the proof. 

The design that represents this iconic car is designed with the past in min
d, but boldly heads to the future and throws the glove to the competition. Its sharp curves go back and forth and his angry exhausts piercing the tail that is laced with fins and wings to improve the aerodynamics.  

You're not far from the bitumen below and the low roof is guaranteed to ruffle your follicles. The steering wheel is a mass of buttons, now incorporating everything from the windscreen wipers to indicators. There are no stalks hanging off the steering column, just long, slender shift paddles. 

The core of the car is unchanged, but there are various styling tweaks. The nose has been tweaked to allow 16 percent more air in, part of an aerodynamic rethink. What to add, this car has evolved since its inception. 

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