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Top Most Exclusive Laptops
On The Market

Probably when reading this article you are most likely reading it on a laptop, and if not you probably have it somewhere next to yourself. Some take the laptop as a work aid, some take it as a manifestation of self-expression through just the laptop. Today we'll show you laptops that aren't just for everyone; 

The Stealth MacBook Pro customized by ColorWare.  

MacBook Pros are already pretty pricey, to begin with, selling for around $1,500 for a 15-inch model. However, once ColorWare got their hands on some, they decided to make 10 limited edition MacBook Pros with a price tag of $6,000. For your $6,000, you’ll get a super cool Xero-gloss finish and custom made matte screen, as well as soft-touch technology; which makes using the trackpad an even better experience, whilst giving it some added protection. 

As for the internals, it’s what to be expected from a normal MacBook Pro 15-Inch: 3.06GHZ processor, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD. Be ready to part with $6,000 if you want one of these, or maybe, even more, depending on whether you can get your hands on one or not 

Voodoo Envy H171, from Hewlett Packard. 

Its impressive price tag is for the top of the range, fully specked out model. You can also purchase a less specked version for around $4,500. As a start, you’ll get a 2.93GHZ Intel Core-2 Extreme X6800 processor, 4GB of DDR RAM, a 160GB (expandable to 600GB) Seagate hard drive and a 17-inch display. However, if you were to have purchased this in 2007, you’ll of also had the option to customize its appearance to suit your own style. For example, HP offered 24 colors and 14 tattoo style designs to choose from. So, if you’re wanting to buy yourself one, you might have to settle for someone else’s design choice, or try and seek out a color scheme to your liking.  

Either way, you’re looking at spending around $8,500. 

Tulip E-GO Diamond 

Costing an insane $355,000, this luxury item was made by Tulip under the E-GO Life-Style B.V brand. As you would expect, this laptop operates and runs just like any other on our list. It includes an AMD Turion 64-Bit Processor, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive and a 12.1-inch widescreen WXGA resolution display. However, it differs greatly from the rest due to its unique design and aesthetic appearance. It’s made to look like a woman’s handbag so it comes across as more of a fashion accessory than a laptop. It’s made from solid palladium, white gold and encrusted with brilliant-cut diamonds. I mean, it’s definitely unique that’s for sure, but $355,000 for a laptop seems a little excessive, don’t you think?!  

Luvaglio, a UK based brand/company. 

You must be thinking how on earth a laptop could cost anywhere near $1 million, right? Well, it’s pretty simple, it’s fully customizable to however you want, and includes one of the rarest diamonds in the world as the power buttonYou’ll also get a 17-inch OLED display, 128GB SSD, a BlueRay player, USB connectivity and fingerprint recognition. Now, let’s say you have the money to spend and want to purchase one, well, you’re going to need an invitation from the brand’s director, Robert Sinclair to do that 

However, if you do manage to secure yourself one, then you’ll be the proud owner of one of the world's first handcrafted million dollar laptops. 

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