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Founder of NIKE and What
You Don't Know About Him

Probably each of us has met the chronically known company NIKE, but few people know who built it. Phil Knight left his lucrative accounting job to follow his dream of having his own footwear company.

Combine what you love with what the market needs.In an interview, Tom Bilyeu and former monk Jay Shetty stated that to succeed in business one needs to answer the following questions: What are you good at? What do you like? What does the market need? And how much of that can you earn? " All successful people, such as Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, etc., have taken the same approach to find their way in business. After reading Shoe Dog you will find that Knight did the same. 

He was good at running, wanted to be an entrepreneur and revealed a hole in the market. America needed a company to supply residents with quality running sneakers. So he went to Japan, where he agreed with one of the biggest sneaker manufacturers to be their distributor on the west coast. Later he encountered obstacles and difficulties, but his goal was clear and he managed to save Blue Ribbon from Oregon and rename it, Nike. 

Work with better people 

One of the best steps
Knight made was working with his coach Bill Bowerman. Who would help him with sneakers better than a known runner trainer?In addition to being an excellent coach, Bowerman was well versed in the business world and was very kind and helpful. If you combine this with the fact that sneakers were his greatest hobby, you can easily realize that he was the one who could help Knight the most. 

Even in the past, he sneaked into the locker rooms of the athletes he trained, took their sneakers and returned them always adjusted to run faster.Bowerman's skills proved to be particularly effective when Blue Ribbon and Onitsuka Tiger separated. When it came time to make sneakers, it was he who invented the technique. The first generation of Nike sneakers had a rubber outsole molded in a waffle maker. And America loved it. 

Be convinced that you will win Passion and determination are like salt and spice for any successful company. If you don't believe in your own ideas, you won't be able to sell them to customers.The first question Knight got when he went to agree to cooperate with the Japanese company Onitsuka Tiger was: "Mr. Knight, what company did you come here to act for?" But Knight was convinced that America needed better running shoes. Knight remembered how Japanese cameras dominated the home market in America. He knew something like that would succeed in the sports shoe market. His plan was therefore based only on his conviction and determination. But that was enough to sign a contract with him in Japan. 

Don't sell… show 

When Knight was young, he tried to sell encyclopedias. He walked from door to door, carrying heavy books, he didn't enjoy it at all and eventually failed. Simply no one bought it. 
A few years later he had to repeat the same process, but this time with sneakers. Blue Ribbon was still a small and unknown company. Therefore, he had to meet all shoe retailers in the Pacific Northwest region and gave them his new sneakers personally to try. Knight was once again unsuccessful, as everyone was sending him away saying, "The world doesn't need more running shoes." 

He had to find another way. Knight came up with a new idea - he started going to all the running events in the area, giving runners to try his own sneakers and asking them if they liked more than Adidas sneakers. This brand was the number one in the market at the time. And guess what happened. Everyone loved them. This opened the door to the sports shoe business for Knight. 

Successful people know that to be successful in selling your product, you must sincerely love it - or at least believe in its value. The more determination you have, the more you will succeed. 


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