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Tuatara Numero Uno

Eight years of development, hard work, and determination that created this. Unique automobile work with SSC's Tuatara. The customer car labeled One debuted the Philadelphia Auto Show.

Tuatara numero uno was seemingly completed this January, several months after production kicked off at SSC North America's facility in Richland, Washington, but only brought into the public's eye now for, reasons. At the production facility, SSC mated its aerospace-grade carbon fiber monocoque to a body of the same material, whose drag coefficient of 0.279 is one of the lowest in the automotive industry. The Tuatara's body also features an active rear wing which lowers as the car's speed increases. So no matter the speed, its aero balance remains the same from 100 mph to well beyond 300, or so the company claims.

SSC originally aimed for the Tuatara to be the first production car to crack 300 mph, but Bugatti beat SSC to the punch with Chiron Super Sport 300+. And though you'll have to ask Bugatti to remove a few software keystrokes to hit 300 mph in your own car, that won't be so for Tuatara buyers who, if they can find a long, straight enough stretch of road, can see whether SSC achieved its goal of making a 300-mph car. All they have to do is be brave enough to open the taps on its Nelson Racing Engines-sourced V-8 and keep their foot in it.
ssc's tuatara
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