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Louis Vuitton Also Dominated
The Kibernetic Space
With His Collection

For a person who has everything, about $ 5,000 The Louis Vuitton Legend's Leather Jacket is the perfect gift to get or give someone.

The Louis Vuitton fashion house released a capsule collection in collaboration with the League of Legends Riot Games. The collection, designated LVxLOL, was designed by women's art director Nicolas Ghesquière, ranging from $ 170 per bandeau to a $ 5,600 leather jacket standard for this brand.

Companies have worked together in the past. The partnership was first announced in September-October 2019, League of Legends released Louis Vuitton skins, also designed by Ghesquière. Players could buy clothes for their characters for about $ 10. Cooperation is undoubtedly a loophole. Riot Games calls it "the first-ever collaboration between a global eSport and a luxury fashion house". Louis Vuitton says the products will be delivered in February or March 2020. Even if you can't buy some pieces from the collection, you can check it out here.

Nicolas Ghesquière commented: "It is fascinating that, where imagination begins, reality ends." Ghesquière further commented: "What is most exciting about this project is how it is alive," ... "The game engulfs millions of players and those who get to the next level will also enjoy the new "Vuitton" look of Qiyana and Senna. All you know is how kids adore Snapchat because of the filters they can use there. " … "And it's no longer just a virtual world, but a reality.

Will Louis Vuitton soon become a favorite brand for avatars lovers? Probably yes. Consider only the recently introduced Drest dress-up game, in which users pay for virtual designer goods.
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