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Patek Philippe Charming
and Perfect Green Symphony

Luxury and hip-hop go hand in hand. However, it is not often the case that a particular product of one such brand is presented in a composition. Only recently, one of the most popular repertoires of today has changed, it was Drake. 

Only a few hours after the release of the new song "Life is Good" in collaboration with the artist Future, the rapper appeared on one of the social networks, showing his fans a tailor-made Patek Philippe watch, which even mentioned up to three Since it is their model called "Nautilus", it can be argued that the rapper really has something to boast about. Only having any typical Nautilus model is extremely rare, as a massive number of candidates grind their teeth to buy it. However, the version of Drake with reference number 5726 is even more unique. It was modified by Off-White founder and Louis Vuitton director Virgil Abloh. 

The newly created version of the design, covered (probably) with hundreds of emeralds, represents a perfect and enchanting green symphony. Unusual in this project, however, is not so much customization, which is quite common in the circles of rich people. The most interesting thing is that during its production overlapped classic design and logo Patek Philippe. In fact, the manufacturer's name is not visible at all. Unlike other brands, such as Tag Heuer, Bulgari, and Zenith, which have freely modified their watch models - Patek Philippe has always been fundamentally opposed to such a radical change affecting the company's logo and symbols.The unique design of the world-famous Nautilus was designed by Géral Ghent. The hallmark of this style has helped to strengthen and revitalize the overall production of high-quality and luxurious Swiss watches during the influx of battery-powered models. Given that his official performance took place in 1976, it can be considered a relatively modern classic. These unique watches differed from o ther market watches by several features. 

One of the most striking was a horizontally wrought dial, which in the case of Drake's watch is completely covered by round gems. Likewise, the original watch model is also characterized by a pioneer case, which has been altered in the case of a differen tiated model. Although Drake himself is not a self-styled watchmaker, Patek Phillipe is not alien to him. This is confirmed by his other rare (and equally modified) Patek Phillipe rose gold watches,

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